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About Us

EKB TextilesEST. 1995

As leading trend setter with over 70 years of textile & garment design background, EKB has produced the finest quality of textile in the market. Our focus is keeping every customer satisfied. Our Designers take pride collaborating with Our Buyers creating unique, eye-popping fashion-forward textile. EKB gathers our most desirable textile collections for today's fashion and travels around the world sharing our prime quality.

Welcome to the online home of EKB Textile, a division of Caribbean Blues Inc. This online fabric site will assist with your all textile needs in every aspect possible. We maintain an extremely large stock of supreme quality textile, from the most popular to the latest lace, prints, and fashionable items. We own the copyright to all of our prints, without a worry, our customers can enjoy using our products! If the customer has a vision in mind, we have in-house designers making custom design samples for your orders, if you can meet the required minimum.

As an outstanding resource for purchasing fabrics wholesale the nation trusts, EKB offers our online customers every possible option at its best possible value. Our Staff delighted to assist our customers, regardless the design, color, style, combination, will supply you with the highest quality and value in textile, pricing and customer service. Making this the reason manufacturers and others looking for the finest able to rely on EKB Textile Inc.

Knowing our customers require a variety of choices for success in their products, is why EKB creates and provides a full range of single and combination fabrics in an immensely wide variety of styles. Our products are always ready to be shipped.

The Best Choice for Online Fabric Purchases:

Any type of fabric wholesale purchase you're looking to make, EKB offers the broad array of choices that make us the Internet's finest resource for purchasing quantities of fabrics. Each selection is available in a very wide array of colors, styles, and designs. Below are some of our most popular fabrics:

  • Knit Fabric
  • Knit print
  • Solid Woven Fabrics
  • Woven Prints
  • Rayon Prints
  • Poly/Rayon Blend
  • Solid Lace
  • Printed Lace
  • French Terry
  • Jacquard Knit
  • Cotton & Knit Cotton
  • Linen
  • Denim

For further information about how EKB can help make the most of your products, please visit our contact page http://ekbtextile.com/contact_us.php or you may directly contact EKB at (213) 749- 3666. Our friendly and strongly knowledgeable staff is looking forward to helping you make the best selection.